A Take On After Laughter

I’ve been on the fence about reviewing this album, as there is so much to dissect. However, I love it so much and Paramore is my favorite band. This is the least I can do since I won’t be seeing them live this Fall.  Without further ado, lets begin.

Paramore has always stayed true to themselves with each album. After Laughter is still Paramore but, a lot more 80’s and Hayley’s vocals are crystal clear. That. is. absolutely. magnificent. I love the 80’s! That era had a sound like no other and Hayley can sing anything. 

When the band is on stage they have this funky stage presence, which is rather odd for a band that started out as angsty punk. This album conveys a bit of that funk and its a nice feeling. Its the cool rock sound that Paramore has been carrying for a couple of albums now with a little zest.  I’ve seen multiple people complain about the bands new sound. I have to admit that though I definitely have many favorites from their younger years this is now, and its mature. The same goes for their appearance. I can honestly say that they’ve transitioned pretty well. 

When it comes to content the lyrics seem slightly bittersweet and convey tones of sadness. Its all honest. One thing I know about Paramore is that they’re always relatable. We won’t always know who they are alluding to or their exact experience but, we will know of something similar.

Those are my thoughts. Thanks for reading and tell me what you think of their album!



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