The Musician: Tikyra Jackson

I was fortunate enough to interview Tikyra Jackson, the singer who made her debut at the Artistik Lounge last Sunday(March 19th). She’s 21 years old and  in a band signed to Stax called Southern Avenue.

(These questions aren’t in any particular order)

How did you get into Music?

I got into music through my parents any environment seeing as though my whole family on both sides are musicians or singers

  What do you love about Music?

I love that music is apart of everything we do and enjoy. When we dance, watch a movie, shop, drive, its the part of your personality that you get to express depending on your mood. And that applies wether you are a musician, listener, engineer or artist in general .

What are your top 3 genres?

My top 3 genres would have to be Memphis music, gospel music, neo soul.

Who are your top 5 all time favorite artists?

My top 5 fav artists would be Hiatus Kaiyote, Beyonce, Clark Sisters, Fred Hammond, John Mayer. as of right now

Who can’t you go a day without listening to?

I can’t go a day without listening to Hiatus Kaiyote

List the instruments you play, which is your favorite and why?

I play drums, piano, guitar, and I sing. Piano is my favorite because i love the sound and how different genres can be expressed through piano.

Who do you get your voice from? Mom or Dad?

Neither of my parents are really singers, they can hold a note but music runs on both sides so you could say I get it from both sides

As an artist, what is your goal, how would you like to impact people?

As an artist my goal is to encourage people to be more vulnerable with their emotions and relate to others around them. I want to unify human beings as souls and not as a race or subgroup.

What genre would you say you fit into? If multiple, please list.

Im not sure what genre I fit into because my music has so many colors, it honestly depends on the mood Im in when I write the song

How did it feel to perform your original music on stage?

It felt magical performing my original music on stage. having my family there and just letting the energy in the room carry my music.

What do you do to get rid of nerves before going on stage?

To get rid of nerves I either joke around or take a moment of silence for myself to gather my focus. But joking around usually works better

Who are your biggest influences?

HIatus Kaiyote, Beyonce, Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan, Indie Arie

What is your current favorite song?

My current favortie song is Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra

If you could work with any artist or write for any artist (Dead or Alive) who would it be?

If I could work with any artist it would be Little Big Town

I don’t have the lists of your songs. I would like the names of them, and are they available for purchase?

My songs are not available for purchase but the list of my originals are: Look At Us Now, Made My Bed, Sweet Child, Aint Got No Time

I know you are in Southern Avenue, how has being in a band allowed you to grow?

Being in Southern Avenue has pushed me to be more creative with my sound and performing while playing an instrument and just overall Putting together a show that is conducive musically as well as entertaining,

How do you want people to perceive you as an artist?

I want people to perceive me as transparent, relatable, and inspiring

What would you like to see or hear more of in the music industry?

Id like to see more diversity in the music industry, Id love to see the industry ,more involved with really young musicians

What are your thoughts on the music scene locally, do you have any local faves?

The music scene locally is booming and the opportunities for artists to share their music is growing,

Lyrically, what determines what you write about? Life, relationships, etc?

My personal experiences are usually the core of my writing, I also write according to the mood of my music because sometimes I will just play a beautiful combination of chords on the piano or guitar and then he lyrics flow.

You’re 21 and this is just the start! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself still making music with Southern Avenue, starting a non profit organization with my sister that raises money for music programs and provides even more music programs for Memphis. I also see myself writing and arranging music for country artists

How do you react to people saying you have so much soul at such a young age?

I’m always very amazed and humble when people respond in such a positive way to my music.

What was it like performing with your siblings at your showcase? I know you are one of six. If I am I correct you performed with 3 sisters and 1 brother.

It was a dream come true to perform with my family and It made me feel more comfortable for my first show

How has your family influenced you?

My family definitely challenges me, pushes me, and inspires my music lyrically

Oh! You’re still in school, right? What are you studying?

I’m taking time off to tour but I will be returning to take online classes and finish my degree. Im studying music business.


A huge thank you to Tikyra for taking the time to answer my questions.



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