The Artistik Lounge

This past Sunday (March 19th) I went to an event to support an old friend of mine, Tikyra Jackson. I don’t get out much, but I wanted to support. I knew she was talented and I was excited see her perform her original music. I also really LOVE live music.

I was curious about this venue. I wasn’t sure what to expect. This venue led to the best night of my life! Again I don’t get out much so when I hear the word “Lounge” I only think of something to similar to a club and I am not about that life. I got to the venue at 7 o’clock, not realizing that the show would start around 8:30. When I finally walked through the doors I smelled incense. Let me tell you guys something, I LOVE INCENSE. What do incense make me think of? Good vibes, Good energy,  a Bohemian paradise. It was light scent, welcoming, nothing too smoky or heavy. The room is also used as a dance studio, so half of the left side of the room was covered with mirrors. There were a couple of couches, ottomans and pillows on the floor for seating. I was so excited, this was a real lounge or what TV and Movies portrayed as a lounge.

The DJ, Siphne, was  playing neo-soul and r&b goodies, which was contributing to the feel good vibe. Slowly but surely the room began to fill with people and our host, Eso, got on the mic. He informed us of the organization joining us for the evening. He informed us about the food available as well as the bar.  I was sitting at the very front in the middle and was fearing I’d lose my seat so I didn’t buy any food. However, I heard it was delicious.

If I remember correctly before Tikyra performed Eso and Siphne warmed us all up with a little something. It was smooth transition into what was come. Before Tikyra performed Eso interviewed her and we got to learn a little about her and her up bringing. I won’t give too much away as I got the opportunity to interview Tikyra(It will be in the next post), but she grew up in Church and comes from a very musical family. She performed with her siblings that night as well. Her sisters were her back ground singers and her brother was on the drums. She plays the drums, piano, guitar, and she sings. She did all of that in one show. I remember seeing a post on Facebook before the show and she said that it would be a night to remember and it really was. It was her debut, and we the audience were blessed to be a part of it.  I’ve been to many concerts and that had to be the best. She and her entire family are immensely talented. She has such a rich and old soul to be just 21. Her vocals ooze emotion and it takes me to a nostalgic place, the good ole’ days. She reminds me of one of favorites, India Arie. Like India her sound is so organic.  Besides her original songs which will be linked below, she performed a couple of covers, 2 of them being by Lauryn Hill and Anderson Paak.

Closer to the end of show Tikyra was on the drums, her brother was on the other set of drums, and her sisters were at their mics just playing and vibing. It was then that Eso took the time to tell the audience that if you would like to freestyle and perform a little something now is the time. There were 5 brave and gifted individuals who followed the musical current. It was such a cool moment to witness and to be a part of. The night ended after the last freestyler.

It wasn’t until I got into the car that I realized I had been at the Artistik Lounge from 7 pm until 11 pm and it was so worth it. So thank you to the Artistik Lounge for making this misfitted introvert feel at home.

Thanks to you, the reader, for taking the time to read very first post here!



Here is a playlist of videos from that night:



Me and Tikyra


Tikyra and her little sister Ava

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