Mad Love by Jojo

We’ve all had that one song that we put on repeat, but have you ever had an entire album? I’ve had plenty, but there is one in particular I am absolutely  crazy about. I have been in love with Jojo’s Mad Love since it came out last October. It is the album that I drive to, song by song. It’s relaxing, it’s nearly become a part of my daily routine. Jojo has been trying to make her way back to shore for quite some time, but due to problems with her previous record label it’s been a while since we’ve heard from her.

She pours her soul in Music, taking us on Journey through her life until this point. The beginning is sad explaining how music became an escape from what sounds like a dysfunctional home. To make a long story short Jojo needs music like she needs air to breathe. Its been there for her all her life. 

I Can Only, is the next track that screams INDEPENDENT. Its a track that says that I can only be me and though I’d like you to be happy with who I am and what I do, its okay if you’re not. Deal with it.  Whether you accept me or not I’m gonna do me.

Fuck Apologies is probably a lot peoples anthem.  It features Wiz Khalifa who unlike most rappers is great addition to this song. The song is about not saying sorry.  Sometimes we apologize when we aren’t guilty, sometimes we say sorry when we really don’t mean it, sometimes we say sorry even though we know damn well that person doesn’t deserve it. Jojo says Fuck Apologies I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it.  Don’t let people take people take advantage.

Another anthem is FAB also known as Fake Ass Bitches. Its a call out to all of those unreliable people who like to call themselves friends. They’re users and want to take credit for things they didn’t contribute to. The powerful Remy Ma is the feature on this track. It’s a bit ironic considering she had some beef with Nicki Minaj. 

The album slows down with Mad Love, not only is it the title of the album but its a love drunk tune. In a couple of interviews Jojo explained how shes loves love. She loves being in it, on top of it, under it, shes all about it. In the song,  with vocals as smooth as warm caramel, she shamelessly sings to her loved one. She loves that his love can take her places. She has to have it even if it brings pain. The pain, the thrills, the butterflies, the uncontrolable smiles, the fearlessness..she wants all of it.

Vibe has to be the coolest track. It makes me feel cool just listening to it. Its a dance track with a Caribbean…vibe.  This song is fun and in it Jojo is just chillin’ and she doesn’t want any boy to kill her vibe. She just wants to have a good time.

 Jojo sings about a relationship that just wasn’t mutual in Honest.  She and her man just weren’t on the same page. Jojo’s vocals on this track are like pleasant echos repeatedly bouncing off the walls of an empty room. Its a weird description, but its just so nice. My favorite thing about this song besides its honesty is that it has the little break down that allows the sound of the song to go from a mental sense of sincerity, realization, and acceptance to a more aggressive scene of what went wrong. She sings 

Why do we have to call it the night shift, why do we have to hide all of our vices, you just dont like it when I’m this open, I’m not crazy this isnt a crisis. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m in love, its not promiscuous its just owning it, you need to let go of what a good girl does, its not that obvious its my prerogative. It might not be what you wanted it but at least I’m honest.

Honest is one of my favorites to play on the road at night. Its from this song and forward that I absolutely love driving to.

Like This is sexy and confident! If you a Jojo fan its a more adult version of Like That. If there is ever a video to be made for this song I absolutely volunteer as creative director, free of charge. I imagine it as Jojo in club as a dancer seducing and memerizing various men but keeping her eye on that one and giving him a private dance . There is no other way for me to describe it. I guarantee that you won’t stop moving once you hear it.

What’s even sexier than Like This? Edibles! In Edibles Jojo is looking for a full time lover for some sticky edible fun. She puts all her cards on the table and wants someone who can keep up with her. I would say its your typical slow jam, but its not vocally or lyrically predictable. Its sound varies.

High Heels can make anyone feel like a boss. I’m talking about shoes and the song. This song is somewhere between a threat and the act of walking out on a guy who just doesn’t Jojo. If you’re in the process of getting over someone or know you deserve better, this song is perfect. Its not your typical cheap sounding “boy bye I deserve better” anthem, its classy and grown.

I Am is such an important song. It’s absolutely compelling. It is about self love, realizing your worth, owning your strength and understandinf that you are with out a doubt are beautiful and worthy of love. I can hear that this is something that Jojo has personally thoroughly thought out in her head. Her vocals leak emotion and the piano on this track adds to the dynamic.

The 12th track on the album is  Clovers. It is a progressive and optimistic tune. I love it. Its picking up yourself when your down. Its looking at the brighter side of things and when things aren’t great its knowing that it will all be okay. It could be interpreted differently but those were my first thoughts. Again, if there is a video to be made for this song I have ideas, I could totally be a creative director. 

Reckless gives me emotions I never wanted.  Jojo speaks on her faults. She hurt someone the way someone hurt her. The songstress was selfish and reckless with his heart.  Its apologetic and regretful. She realized how much she damaged him, she understands she was young and didn’t know better, she understands how self centered she was and how vunerable he was. Despite it being a bop this song had me feeling so bad for this guy.

Good Thing gets me so excited! I’ve had a lot of songs on repeat from this album, but this was on repeat for a long time. It makes me so happy and its a great a song to workout to. Its a super love drunk dance tune and its my favorite. This guy is Jojo’s motivation, escape, and truth. She is flaming with love and no one can put her out. 

This album unfortunately comes to an end. The last track is Rise Up. Honestly, after riding the emotional roller coaster before it is a refreshing tune. Its like getting a large cold lemonade after you’re been screaming your head off on every ride at the amusement park.  This song is all about love and how it takes two to make a relationship. If you want it to work, if you want that individual, nothing can stop you. 

If you have the album on repeat like I usually do, Rise Up transitions well into Music. 

If I had to rate this album it gets a 10/10. I’m pretty sure 10 years from now I’ll still be in love with it.

I hope you all enjoyed my thoughts. Have you listened to this album? What did you think? 

Thanks for reading!



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